Acimac ready to fly to India and Brazil for Indian Ceramics Asia and Expo Revestir

The first collectives of the year have been organised in two strategic regions for Italian ceramic machinery exports

Acimac is preparing to take part in two major international trade shows in March. The first is the 18th edition of Indian Ceramics Asia, the annual ceramic and brick industry exhibition to be held from 6 to 8 March in the Exhibition Centre in Gandhinagar, India. As usual an Italian collective organised by Acimac in cooperation with the Italian Trade Agency ITA will be present and this year will feature the following companies: Appel, BMR, Cimes, Essepienne, Gruppo TecnoFerrari, Inter Ser, Keran, LB Technology, Metco, Minerali Industriali Engineering, Officina Bocedi, Officine Smac, Sacmi, Surfaces Group, System Ceramics and Tecnocer Italia.

The exhibition is a strategic event in Southeast Asia, the Italian ceramic machinery industry’s second largest export market. The region accounted for more than €260 million of Italian ceramic technology exports in 2022, equivalent to 15.3% of the industry’s total exports. India, the world’s second largest tile producer with an output of more than 2.3 billion square metres, is one of the largest markets in the region.

After a short break, the next stop will be Expo Revestir, the foremost exhibition of surfaces and finishes in Latin America. Following last year’s successful event, the show will be held once again in the São Paulo Expo in São Paulo, Brazil from 19 to 22 March. The Italian collective organised by Acimac will host 17 companies in a total exhibition space of more than 400 sqm: Air Power Group, Appel, BMR, Certech Group, Cimes, Gruppo TecnoFerrari, ICF&Welko, Inter Ser, LB Technology, Mectiles Italia, Metco, Officine Smac, Pemo Pumps – Perissinotto, Sacmi, Stylgraph, Surfaces Group and System Ceramics. This exhibition is another vitally important event in a key region, given that South America ranks as the fourth largest export market for the Italian ceramic machinery industry. It accounted for €220 million worth of Italian technology sales in 2022, which represents 12.9% of the industry’s total exports. Moreover, Brazil is now the world’s third largest tile producing country with an annual output of more than 700 million square metres.